October 19, 2019

Getting Started

Depending on the device your using, there will be a couple ways to watch our tv service.

Before installing the app used to watch our service, you may need to make sure your device is set to allow apps from unknown sources. ( Depends on if your installing via an official app store or via other means ) It may be a little different procedure between the different devices but is usually found in the settings. For an Amazon device such as firestick, FireCube or firetv, you will want to go to Settings>Device>Developer Options and then make sure to turn all the options listed there to “On”.

The next step would be to install our app or see how you will watch our service depending on the device your using. You will want to go to the How To Install Page for that info.

Once you have the app installed or know how you will be accessing our service, you will want to actually place an order so you will receive a valid username and password to login to our service. You can access our Shop by Clicking Here. In the webstore you can purchase one of our monthly plans.

Once you have received your login details and have app installed, you are ready to get started. You will want to check out the How To Use Page to learn some tips on how to best use the app.